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About Us


Our mission at Beyond Family Home Health Services is to render affordable, reliable, and genuine care to clients right in their homes. Through our home care services, our clients will be able to enjoy comfort and good health while they also maintain independence.

elderly woman with her caregiver smiling

Beyond Family Home Health Services is an independently owned home care agency providing care services to homebound clients within the state of Maryland. We care for those who stay at home most of the time due to fragile health conditions, old age, disabilities, injuries, or illnesses.

There is no one solution for all situations which is why we establish a personalized care plan to cater to the various health needs of every patient. Once we have a care plan in place, the implementation will rest on the shoulders of our qualified caregivers. We will be matching you or your loved one with the right caregiver who will assist, care, and accompany you at home.

Our goal is to keep you healthy, safe, and independent. Take advantage of our affordable care programs by calling 410-775-6624 today. You can also schedule your appointment online.